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Corporate Values


Customer benefit is the driving force of our thinking and action and has top priority.

Market Performance

We are a service provider specialized in engineering and manufacturing high-tech products. Our achievement is developing processes, with which our own and our customers' products are best manufactured.


Clearly defined and challenging objectives ensure an ideal division of work and provides for a feeling of success. The action of each individual is based on respect for others.


Our employees identify with their company, are competent and take on responsibility.


We make use of the available knowledge and incorporate it into the team. Our structures are periodically reviewed in respect to their functional suitability.


We count on a stable, competitive international supplier portfolio. Long-term business relations are our goal. In joint dialogues, mutually convincing solutions shall be found.


We achieve profits, allow our employees to share in them, and invest in the further development of our company.


We master market changes, grow sustainably and ensure long-term success.


We systematically observe new technical developments and are always one step ahead with our products and processes.


Each one of us is responsible for ensuring that products and services comply with the agreed specifications.


Environmental issues, social compatibility, safety and economy play a well-balanced role in all our decisions.